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Are Your Valuables Protected?

QUESTION- When is the best time to buy a quality safe?

ANSWER- BEFORE something not-so-good happens to your stuff.


A safe isn't the most enjoyable thing to spend your money on. It might not even register on the fun scale. Having a safe though is a good feeling. I bought my first safe, a Liberty, about 15 years ago when Ray Crosby still owned the company. Picking out the safe was kind of fun, getting it into our house, umm- not so much fun. Loading it with my firearms and other cool stuff was kind of fun, watching my wife cram everything of hers in too, umm -again, not so much. (just kidding honey xo) The end result though, was very comforting.


When your valuables are protected in a quality, fire-rated safe, it really does bring a sense of peace your way. We lived in a decent area but there were still break-ins, vandalism, house fires, and wild fires happening occasionally. The safe brought genuine peace of mind. Before the safe, my firearms and other items were hidden (yeah, right) under the bed, in closets, even behind the curtains. When we left for work, dinner, vacation or whatever, it was just a gamble as to whether they would still be there when we returned. Then we had a baby, then another. Our safe brought us peace of mind again- but to higher degree. A safe is just part of our lives now.

If you don't own a safe, but have been thinking that you should get one, the best time is now-before what you're hoping never happens, happens.

Thanks for your time,


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