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Why are we here?

Here's a brief history of how I got involved with safes. I have an Uncle, Larry Parker in Ohio, who's been selling safes for about 25 years. Some of you may be familiar with his work as a Master hammer and chisel engraver and riflebuilder. He's developed quite a reputation in that arena.

Anyway, about 6 years ago, I asked him what it would take to get involved in the safe business. I was working as a finish carpenter in Flagstaff, AZ. at the time. He said, "Well, I'll get back with you." I wasn't sure if that meant that he'd get back with me in a few hours, days or what, so the wait was on. About 3 days later, he called and told me to expect a call from Ray Crosby, the owner of Champion and Superior Safes. Mr. Crosby is also the the guy that started Fort Knox and Liberty Safe companies. So, Ray called and we talked about various things like demographics, sales, delivering safes, etc. He then invited me up to Provo, Utah to learn about safes. A few weeks later, I was in Provo working final assembly and taking copious notes from Ray and his staff. Ray sent me home with a safe to get the ball rolling and I was off. I sold that one and ordered some more. I was loving it! I had worked as a Park Ranger in Grand Teton National Park, A snowmobile guide in Yellowstone National Park and the Bridger-Teton National Forest, A timber-framer in Aspen, Colorado and yet, I felt that I'd finally found my calling. After about a year of selling safes out of my garage, I quit my carpentry job and started selling safes full time in a retail store In downtown Flagstaff. Praise the Lord for the timing because the bottom soon dropped out of construction. Things were going well, I was meeting gun owners by setting up as a vendor at gun shows, placing ads on the radio and newspaper, and networking with other busines owners. Most of my business though was through referrals which I soon learned was the anchor of sales success. I did all I could do to take care of my customers and provide a quality product and flawless delivery. The payoff was dramatic. I'd sell one safe and then sell 3 or 4 more thanks to their referrals.

In 2011, my wife and I decided to move east to be closer to family. It was a hard decision but seemed like the right one. We sold our house. I sold my business to my old boss. We packed up, headed east and now here we are in Tennessee. It's good to be here. I like a place where God and common sense are still revered. A year ago (March 2012) I started Parker's Safes and Vaults. Thanks to new friends who helped me get launched and to my customers who have taken the time to provide testimonials for my website and refer me to their friends and family, my business is again doing well. THANK YOU.

It would seem that creating a blog gives me a license to ramble. I will however try to make it worth your while by sprinkling in some good information from time to time. I'm new at the blog scene though so any advice is appreciated. Here's a little something... Bolt down your safe. Don't assume that just because it's heavy, it's secure. The bad guys know how to take the whole safe. If it's not bolted down, it's just a convenient box for them to carry your stuff out in. If you need some pointers on how to do it, I'm at your service.

Thanks for having a look!



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