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AMERICAN SECURITY PRODUCTS- Please call for pricing. 931.842-6445

American Security Safes and vault doors

For more information on AMSEC'S FIRE RATINGS, click below...


American Security doesn't advertise much. They don't have to. Safe Technicians and locksmiths do it for them. Unlike most safe manufacturers today that make the cheapest cabinet they can, AMSEC makes real safes and are one of the leading manufactures of quality safes and vault doors. They have over 200 models to choose from ranging from small pistol safes to large commercial safes. Their safes offer outstanding protection from theft and fire and their BFX and BFII SERIES gun safes feature 1/2'' plate steel doors plus 1 inch of concrete-type, poured in, fire insulation. The body has a 2 inch concrete type fire lining that also helps to deter grinder and torch attacks. CALL PARKER'S for details and prices on these safes or schedule an appointment to see them in person. You won't be disappointed! 

AMERICAN SECURITY GUN SAFES FALL INTO 2 CATEGORIES- Made in the USA and imported. In the US made lines, we have the RF Series at the top end which is basically a jewelry safe with a gun safe interior. It has a TL-30 UL rating just like you'd find on a jewelry safe rated for security and insurance purposes.
Note: If all these models and numbers confuse you, it may help if we explain what the numbers represent. The numbers following the model correlate to the exterior size of the safe. For example a BFX6636 would measure 66 inches tall and 36 inches wide. (The exception would be the 6032 model. It is 60"tall, 30" wide, but narrower than the 6030. You're right, as Woodrow Call would say, "That just don't make no sense at all.") 
Next comes the BFII Series, with features like a solid 1/2" steel door and a body with nearly a 1/2" of steel and a poured in, solid fill, fire insulation between the steel panels on both the door (1") and the body (2") giving the safe a verified 2 hour/1200 degree fire rating, along with a great interior layout with adjustable shelving, LED light kit, premium door organizer, and a mirror on the back wall to reflect ambient light, along with a Lifetime Warranty, this safe really stands out as the leader in firearm protection.

Below the BFII and still in the US Built category, comes the BFX Series. This safe is an upgraded version of the BF model which is no longer in production as a gun safe. The upgrades were in the door which now features, 4-way active bolts, a gear drive and a 3-way bolt works aimed at preventing a breaching technique known as "bolt punching". This safe has most of the attributes of the BFII except the body steel inner plate is thinner and the sizes at the top and bottom have 3/8" plate doors instead of 1/2" so they're not as thick.  (BFX 6024 and BFX 7250)
The imported safes follow from high end to low end...
NF Series
SF Series
TF Series                                                           SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEOS!



AMSEC RF703620X6 This is a TL rated gun safe on all 6 sides

CerL TL-30

Cutaway example showing the AMSEC BFII and BFX series door on top and a standard composite door safe below.


Cutaway sample of the body of a BFX on the left and the much thicker inner plate of the BFII on the right.

The RF series

Choose the gun safe more locksmiths choose than any other brand.

For 75 years American Security has designed and built one of the most desirable lines of gun safes in the country. For use in home and business, American Security offers a gun safe for everybody at every price point. AMSEC safes are independently tested by the industry’s leading quality assurance laboratory, Intertek, for superior fire and burglary proofing. Ask a locksmith or safecracker which brand they recommend and it'll most probably be AMSEC. Backed by the best warranty in the industry, police, fire, sportsmen, coin and art collectors depend on AMSEC safes to protect the things that matter most to them. These are not big box store type safes.

BFX 7250 video



AMSEC'S NEW BFX series...

A look at some popular smaller AMSEC safes -CF1814, UL1511, and AM3020

AMERICAN SECURITY RFX SERIES...The only UL listed TL-30 x 6 burglary and fire resistant gun safe on the market. This is the same commercial safe construction that Amsec sells to banks and jewelers across the country.

This safe offers 2 hours of certified fire protection.


AMSEC BFII SERIES SAFES... This is our favorite. Why? The steel and dry-lite concrete type material in the body. A lot of companies focus on the door, the door locking bolts, and the lock, but don't worry much about the other 5 sides of their safes. The BFII's body on features an 11 gauge steel panel on the outside, then 2 inches of dry lite concrete type fire lining, then a 5/16 inch inner steel panel. Then, they use the same boltworks, and hardplate that they use on their commercial jewelry TL safes just top it off. This is one very well designed and well built safe.

AMSEC BFX SERIES SAFES... These safes took the place of the old BF series in 2021. They now feature a 4 way active, 3 stage boltwork.


To order or inquire about one of these fine safes, contact Aaron at 931.842-6445 okay to text too! NATIONWIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE. (Moving and installation consultation also available!)

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